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Martens Appraisal offers a variety of products and services to suit the needs of property owners and financial institutions. Below is information about the products available.

Unsure about which product you need, or questions about a product?

Call 316-263-6161 or email to speak with our team. 


The client's needs and the complexity of the assignment will dictate the level of detail that needs to be included in the analysis and appraisal report. The USPAP allows the appraiser to tailor the scope of work to a specific assignment...


This appraisal report is an option for limited scope assignments. Martens Appraisal developed property evaluations to assist lending clients on transactions that do not require a full appraisal....


Most lenders use appraisal reviews, in which one licensed real estate appraiser reviews the work performed by another licensed appraiser, on a daily basis for risk assessment, quality control and portfolio analysis...


Martens Appraisal maintains a broad collection of resources that enable us to value portfolio properties throughout different markets. Our experience includes national hotel chains, restaurants, retail and self-storage...


Martens Appraisal has extensive experience appraising commercial properties for estate planning or estate tax purposes. We work closely with estate lawyers, CPAs and executors to ensure you receive the information you need...


In addition to estimating the value of real estate, Martens Appraisal provides a variety of consulting services: Market Rental Analysis, Highest and Best Use Analysis and Feasibility Studies.

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