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In addition to estimating the value of real estate, Martens Appraisal provides a variety of consulting services: Market Rental Analysis, Highest Best Use Analysis and Feasibility Studies.

Market Rental Analysis

The market rental analysis provides a comprehensive look at commercial property lease rates. If you are considering leasing your property, the market rental analysis provides a comprehensive overview of competing rates in the market. If you are considering entering into a lease agreement, the market rental analysis is a valuable tool in rent negotiations.

Highest and Best Use Analysis

A highest and best use analysis will determine the use that will yield the maximum possible value. The supply and demand for ordinary uses of your property are considered and compared in order to establish the most viable use of the property. Martens Appraisal has the experience and market expertise to weigh the attributes and risks associated with commercial real estate development.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is an essential planning tool if you are building or redeveloping investment real estate. Let our commercial real estate experts research, analyze and assess your vision. We can provide:

Analysis of the existing and planned supply of competing commercial properties

Estimated demand for the market as a whole

Projected demand for your property

Sensitivity analyses with a bottom-line impact from various rent, occupancy and expense scenarios

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